Hengistbury Head Family Photography

Nov 15, 2020

a family of four standing in the waves with their arms around each other

The votes are in! You guys over on Instagram chose this Hengistbury Head family photography session to be next on the blog and y’now what? I’m a little surprised. Not because this isn’t one of the most beautiful family sessions I’ve done this year, but because the other option was an equally amazing shoot I did in the sunflowers, which you all loved when I posted the previews. But hey, it seems this session won and I couldn’t be happier because it was absolutely one of my favourite family shoots in 2020. (Insert awkward face here as I’m not sure I’m allowed to have a favourite session.)

Hengistbury Head Family Photography

Originally this shoot was meant to be on Bournemouth beach but as I sat there on the warm sand, watching Dexter and Rich play in the waves, I just knew I needed to find a better looking beach. Bournemouth is lovely but it’s not what I had in mind for family photography.

We made a family weekend of it and stayed over night as I shoot during sunset and didn’t fancy driving back late afterwards. Instead, once we’d wrapped up the session I headed back to the hotel room with bottle of red. Rich and I sat in the bathroom drinking wine from hotel mugs, waiting for Dexter to finally give in to sleep after a long day of digging in the sand. It was perfect.

As was the session.

Hengistbury Head is a beautiful beach with sand dunes and huge boulders perfect for climbing on. This is exactly what I had in mind when I thought of family photography on the beach. I like to have variety in my locations so that images aren’t too similar and more importantly, so that children don’t get bored. There was far more to do on this beach than on Bournemouth and the kids had a great time throwing rocks into the sea, running up and down the dunes and climbing along the huge boulders.

To me this session is perfection and I don’t even feel big headed saying this. I love, love, LOVE it and I hope it’s not my last family shoot on the beach. I hope 2021 brings me many more families willing to travel a little further to capture something a bit different in their family photos.

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  1. Helen

    Love love love these pics and live close to Hengistbury Head so if you are doing more sessions here next year would love to get booked in

    • Rachel Jane

      Hi Helen! Thank you for your lovely comment. I’d love to go back for more shoots here next year! They do take a little bit more organising for me than local sessions and next year is already busy so if you did want to book in please do let me know and we can discuss this further! x


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