Natural wedding photography in Wiltshire & The Cotswolds

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer.

When it comes to shooting your wedding, my approach and style is fairly laid-back. I like to capture your day as it unfolds, with little direction, which means you can feel relaxed and at ease in front of the camera. I always find it hard to put a label on myself as a wedding photographer but if I had to describe the way I shoot I would probably say I’m more of a documentary style photographer; I like to capture moments as and when they happen and tell the story of your day naturally.

During the morning preparations (which just so happens to be my favourite part of the day FYI)

I will take your dress, shoes, bouquet and all your details & accessories to a place with the prettiest light to capture them beautifully and elegantly. I work quietly and keep myself relatively out the way so you can fully enjoy the process of getting ready with rest of your closest friends and family. I may place you in the corner of the room with the best light whilst you step into your dress, but there is little direction from me during this part of the day as I much prefer to let moments unfold naturally.
“Telling the story of your day.”

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Your Day
As the day goes on, I generally continue to capture your story with this same approach. I like to watch for the real emotions– the special moments between people that only happen when they think no one is watching. Except I will be watching (in a non creepy way!) to make sure I do not miss a thing from one of the most memorable days of your lives.
I spend my time scouting for the best possible locations for your couple portraits so that when the time comes I am prepared. Couple portraits is the part of the day couples seem most anxious about and I find many brides and grooms get worried about it being too forced and ‘posed’. I can assure you it’s not as bad as you may think and 20 minutes is all we need to capture the two of you together. 20 minutes away from the crowds of people and iPhone selfies where you can take some time to just be together.
I know how awkward it can feel for couples to have the camera on them so this is where I use gentle direction to help you relax and enjoy the time rather than dreading it! With a little direction from me, I find couples fall naturally into this part of the day and actually end up laughing and joking together which makes for very natural photographs.

and so the adventure begins…

Shall we?