Riverside maternity session near Malmesbury

Dec 8, 2020

a man and woman standing facing each other in a river. Their hands are on he growing baby bump

I thought I’d start this post off with a little back story about how I found this location as I get asked all the time when I share these images how I even knew such a place existed. I’ve shot two riverside maternity sessions here this year plus a few family sessions and each time I have so much fun paddling in the water.

In a previous life I worked at a horse riding centre as the yard manager but when that closed down I decided to start a cleaning business. A few of the clients who came to ride there took me on as their cleaner so I ended up basing most my work in the surrounding countryside side of Swindon. I loved getting up each morning and escaping out of the small town I’d called home ever since I was 3. 

I had a dog at the time called Sid. He was an English bull terrier who was both the love and bane of my life. He was the most difficult dog to look after. Being extremely dog-aggressive meant normal walks around my local area were out of the question so he came with me most days to work, where he would happily lie for hours in a huge crate in my car. I opened all the doors and windows for him and made sure he had shade and water but honestly, he was at his happiest when accompanying me. 

During lunch breaks I would walk him in quiet areas where I knew we wouldn’t bump into any other dogs and this is how I discovered the river. 

I never imagined all those years ago I’d be standing knee deep in the river capturing beautiful families and couples.

When people ask me where it is I find it really hard to explain because it’s hidden from the road and even when clients have turned up to meet me here, they always think they are in the wrong place. It’s literally opposite a housing estate, one that I used to clean a house in. Cross over the main road and into the field and here you will find the river. Hidden from any passers by, this place is perfect for shoots and/or walking dog-aggressive dogs. 

I’ve been here so many times this year and not only for shoots. We came here as a family during the summer on one of the hottest days of the year and I was determined to swim in the river. Which of course was freezing and murky and really not as nice as I’d imagined but I did it and it felt so good. 

So yeah, that’s the back story on the river. Now let’s chat about this amazing riverside maternity session. Emma was booked in for her maternity photos right in the middle of lockdown so we had to cancel and switch it for a newborn photography session instead. I watched on Instagram as she captured her own growing belly and I was gutted I couldn’t be the one to capture it for her. 

Then , when lockdown eased, I decided to offer Emma a last minute maternity session as well as the newborn session we’d arranged. I just wanted to capture this beautiful couple so bad and I knew they would absolutely nail their shoot. And they did. And I love it. 

So here it is in all it’s glory. And yes, we all got our feet wet!

If you’re looking for anything else to feast your eyes on, why not take a look at this insanely beautiful beach session I did earlier this year or, for something completely different, check out this colourful at home newborn session.


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