Summer outdoor family photography

Oct 8, 2020

I am so excited about being able to blog sessions again now that my new website is finished and first up is this gorgeous family shoot I did back in the summer. This session actually started off a bit dull, in terms of lighting I mean, and we were all a bit gutted about the prospect of not capturing any images at during sunset. But low and behold, last minute the sun beamed through the clouds and showered us with the most epic, golden light that completely blew us away. 

I’ve captured Kelly SO. MANY. TIMES. She’s booked me for a lot of her own brand stuff and also we now have a little side hustle together called Brand New Creative, which is brand photography for small businesses. So far it’s been amazing and we’ve worked with some really lovely brands. 

So capturing her and her family was like going for an evening walk with friends; chatting away about what not whilst the kids ran around having the time of their lives. We did this particular session in our local area, right behind my home in Tadpole Garden Village. Who knew that the fields here during high summer are wild and overgrown, perfect for outdoor family photography. 


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